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Mills Montessori School

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Private Montessori School in South San Francisco

For over 30 years, Mills Montessori School has operated as a private education institution providing an environment that stimulates learning and interactive experiences for children.

Since 1988, our mission has been to put the needs of children first. With our abilities and background experience in education, we offer a 'prepared' environment for children to participate and engage in collective academic activities.

To ensure your child is receiving high-quality education essential for his or her overall development and unique abilities, call (650) 416-1357 now and speak with a representative to enroll your child today.

From preschoolers to kindergartners and elementary students, we teach and prepare children of all ages, making sure that they receive the education they deserve.

Our Goal at Mills Montessori School Is To:

  • Prepare and foster an environment that will give each child love and security.
  • Provide children the means of learning through exploration and discovery.
  • Use a combination of interactive methods and materials to foster academic excellence

At Mills Montessori School, We:

  • Try to establish a sense of freedom in all children.
  • Encourage children to choose their own work, correct it and work without interruption at their own pace.
  • Support each child's interest and empowering them to follow their curiosity.
  • Hope to ultimately engender in each child a sense of self-confidence.
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